How to get a bigger budget for SEO

When preparing your marketing budget, make sure you clearly state how SEO will increase sales, leads, or what is vital to your business, and what increase you expect from next year’s SEO efforts.

It’s fine that you can say that you’ve increased your keyword rankings by X% this year or that your website has become more robust, but if you can’t show conversions and sales, you’ll struggle to get a bigger budget.


If you don’t understand something, you won’t see its full potential – the same goes for your boss.

But when you’re dealing with management that doesn’t have the most basic knowledge of marketing, how do you explain the importance of SEO?

That’s why education is so essential: Give senior stakeholders the basic knowledge they need to understand what you’re trying to do with your SEO strategy.

Besides, your reputation – or even job – could be on the line if your boss hasn’t yet understood how much work you’ve actually put into search engine optimization and which results from SEO you’ve achieved.

In the 2022 plan, you can also include case studies and past results, so your boss knows what SEO work has achieved by results.

I also suggest putting together a short training session where you can explain how SEO works, what you do in your role, why it’s essential, and what results to expect. 

Keep management informed 

Finally, make sure you keep management informed on an ongoing basis.

Marketing has lots of KPIs that we can use to define success, while managers are only looking at one thing – the bottom line.

Once you’ve started your SEO, schedule monthly or quarterly meetings with the budget owner so you can talk to them about what you’ve done, what you’ve planned and most importantly – what results from you’ve achieved.

Share your plan 

Every successful SEO strategy needs a plan, so be sure to share it when you’re seeking support.

You should also try to prepare in advance for the kind of questions bosses tend to ask, which might include: how big a budget do you need?

You want to make your managers happy and give them what they want, so you may be inclined to agree to a counter-demand of “if I give you the budget, I’ll have 10 page-one keywords in 2 months”. Remember, however, that if you agree to something that you know is not realistic, you will only end up putting yourself under a high degree of stress.

Good luck landing higher budgets!

And please remember; if you are considering letting a conversion-focused SEO agency lift some of the work in 2022, I run that type of Agency, so please contact me if 2nd Agency should help you achieve results that justify even bigger budgets for the 2023 marketing plan!

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